Constant Construction

Constant Construction

If you've been with me since the beginning you may have noticed changes here and there on the website, the most notable would be the logo. I needed a logo but didn't know what I wanted. I came up with something I liked but wasn't in love with. But, imperfect action is better than perfect inaction. Later, I changed my logo. 

With that imperfect action came a lot of questions: how do I set up a website? How do I do my listings? Oh... labels. I have to label things. And on and on. At this point I'm not sure that I could write a comprehensive list of the things that I have learned just diving in and learning from books, blogs and videos in all aspects of making soap and running a soap business. 

That also means I figure things out along the way that maybe I should have done from the beginning, but it wasn't mentioned or I decided I wouldn't need it. Currently, it's bar codes. 

I have grown so much in the last few months that I decided to add barcodes to my products to make check out at markets faster, and keep real-time track of inventory on the website. This means someone doesn't order on the website what I just sold out of at a market. I also don't have to go back later and update numbers. Win Win for everyone. 

Along with those updates are just the different soaps in general! Listing new things on the website takes time. I'm happy to do it, but I have to find a way to streamline things so it actually gets DONE. I need a checklist, really. There are so many things that go into updating listings. 

So I'm playing catch up.

All this to say, the website is under constant construction and updates. I don't have a web person. It's just me. Maybe one day I can convince one of my kids to take over this aspect, but that day has not yet come. So if you come across a listing that has a lot of missing information, that's why. It's an active bar. It's for sale. I have to have the listing up on the site to sell it at markets. So, it's up. If you want to take a chance on it and treat it like a mystery soap - go for it! Could be fun! Could find a new favorite!

I have new fall scents up. Hopefully, by the time you see this I will have a featured collection up of just the new releases. 

I appreciate your patience, your kind words, and your support while on this journey. I could not do this without you and it is truly appreciated!



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